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A message to the parent looking to be the best role model they can be - even in the most uncertain times

Does the current global scenario leave you anxious for the future your child will inherit? Are you feeling an even deeper responsibility for your child’s development and wellbeing, now that they’re likely spending more time at home with you?

And how would you like to turn the unique situation we’re all facing into an opportunity to build a stronger foundation for your family: one that will last a lifetime?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone. We’re all in this together, as one global family.

And our mission at Little Humans has always been to support families: a mission that’s more important today than ever.

So on this page, you’ll find a special invitation that we sincerely hope will empower you and your child in these extraordinary times and beyond.

An Urgent Solution To An Uncertain Situation

If you’re like most parents, you’ve got a lot on your plate right now. Your child is at home, you’re managing both their schoolwork and their free time, and you’re trying to help them cope with the changes happening around them - all as your own life is shifting rapidly.

Now more than ever, every conversation you have with your child is crucial...

Every activity and exercise you set up for them…

Every rule and boundary you put in place...

And even every example you set through your own words, actions, and emotions.

Trying to navigate everything is challenging and overwhelming.

For instance, how do you know you’re making the right calls? Giving the right advice? And taking the right steps to instill habits and beliefs that uplift your child throughout their lives, instead of drag them down?

The Little Humans Membership is our way of keeping you connected to the knowledge and perspectives you need to make your best decisions as a parent - and it all begins with a parenting framework we call Transformational Parenting.

The 6 Pillars Of Transformational Parenting

Multiratial families enjoy some quality time together at home

At Little Humans, the experts and knowledge we curate are all based on six ‘pillars’ that form the foundation of an effective and compassionate parent. We call this framework Transformational Parenting - because once you apply it in your own personal way, it will transform how you nurture your child for the better.

  1. 1. Parental Beliefs

    Whether it’s your spiritual beliefs, or your beliefs about life, self-love, friendship, morality and more: your beliefs as a parent will profoundly influence your child. As a Transformational Parent, you will learn to become more conscious of your belief systems.

  2. 2. Emotional Intelligence

    Emotional intelligence telegraphs how well you’re teaching your kids to express themselves emotionally, and also how well you’re leading by example. You’ll learn how to give them a safe space to share their feelings - which includes leading by example.

  3. 3. Routines & Rituals

    From mealtime to playtime to bedtime, children thrive on positive routines. One of the Transformational Parenting philosophies you’ll learn is to create Genuine Encounter Moments (GEMS) with your children through routines and rituals.

  4. 4. External Influences

    External influences like family members, teachers, your community, the media, and friends leave a huge impact on your child’s upbringing. You’ll explore how to manage those influences so your child enjoys healthy relationships with the people and institutions around them.

  5. 5. Parent To Parent Relationship

    Our children are watching us, looking for clues on how to act and what to believe. It’s our duty to show them a good example of what a healthy relationship looks like. Which includes making a conscious decision to say or do (or NOT to say or do) certain things in front of them.

  6. 6. Education & Growth

    We live in an era where parents have unprecedented access to education, and limitless opportunities for growth. As a Transformational Parent, you’ll learn how to make learning an adventure that’s both fun and fulfilling for your children and you.

Meet Your Trainers

16 Of The World’s Leading Parenting Experts Are Now Your Personal Trainers

  • Avital Schrieber

    “The Parenting Junkie” + Family Coach

  • Debbie Godfrey

    Author and Certified Parent Educator

  • Preston Smiles and Alexi Panos

    Founders of The Bridge Method

  • Summer Felix-Mulder and Mike Mulder

    Blended Family Experts from "Everything Always" podcast

  • Andrew Newman

    Founder of The Conscious Bedtime Story

  • Eric Edmeades

    Creator of Wildfit

  • Jim Kwik

    Memory and Speed Learning Expert

  • Dr. Shefali Tsabary

    Clinical Psychologist & NY Times Bestselling Author

  • Shelly Lefkoe

    Co-founder of The Lefkoe Institute

  • Dr. Nelly Farnoody-Zahiri

    Family Psychologist, Author & TV Host

  • Kimberly Johnson

    Author, Postpartum, Mother Empowerment Specialist

  • Rhea Lalla

    Author & CEO of Build Great Minds

  • Christina Rasmussen

    Crisis Intervention Counselor & Author

  • Dr. Ned Hallowell

    ADHD Expert & NY Times Bestselling Author

  • Renee Jain

    Childhood Resilience & Anxiety Relief Expert

  • The Murray Family

    Global Humanitarians

Meet Your Little Humans Hosts

Akira Chan

A renowned mixed-race documentary filmmaker and artist, Akira works with some of the world’s top minds, spreading stories the world needs to hear. His own journey as a husband and parent has inspired him to now focus on the subject of parenting, and empower parents with the wisdom they need to thrive and rise above today’s most pressing challenges in raising children.

Renee Airya Chan

Renee Airya is a world renowned speaker, brain tumor survivor and master healing practitioner. She is married to her soulmate and business partner, Akira Chan. At age 43, they found out the life changing news that they were pregnant. The birth of their son, Osiris, inspired them to create Little Humans. Their mission is to educate and inspire families to live their best lives together.

Akira and Renee with their child, Osiris
Behind the scenes of Little Humans Production

Behind the scenes of Little Humans Production

Vishen, Renee & Akira on stage at Mindvalley University

Vishen, Renee & Akira on stage at Mindvalley University

What You'll Learn

The Transformation You Will Experience

  • You’re A Stronger Communicator

    Whether it’s a brief conversation before school, or a lengthy heart-to-heart, you know how to speak to your child with love, clarity, and openness - and so do they.

  • You Set More Effective Rules & Boundaries

    Children thrive on healthy rules and boundaries. You understand how to set sustainable ones that both you and them can honor over the long run.

  • You Lead By Example

    You are your child’s biggest influence - and you always show up in a way that inspires and assures your child, without losing the essence of who you are.

  • You Make Better Decisions

    It can often be hard to know if you’re making the right choices as a parent - but with intuition and the right perspectives, you’re now far more consistent.

  • You Help Resolve Challenges & Conflict

    When faced with challenges or conflict, your child often looks to you for guidance. You know exactly how to help them resolve it themselves, and learn the best lessons.

  • You Encourage Better Habits & Rituals

    You’ve successfully encouraged your child to trade the junk food and technology addictions with productive daily habits that help them stay healthy and productive.

  • You Inspire Confidence & Resilience

    You’re equipped to help your child learn new skills, believe in themselves, and never give up when the going gets tough.

  • You Provide Limitless Love & Support

    You’ve become a safe space for your child, and they always know they can count on you for love, support, and guidance.

Little Humans: A Labor Of Love By Mindvalley & Vishen Lakhiani

A selfie picture of Vishen with his kids, Eve and Hayden

Mindvalley founder Vishen Lakhiani became a parent over 12 years ago. Almost immediately, he made a commitment to approach his parenting journey in the same way he approaches personal growth: by questioning many of the preconceived notions surrounding parenting. And seeking out new knowledge and perspectives that could help him raise his children with greater love, compassion, and competence.

Then, he met Renee Airya and Akira Chan, whose shared passion for parenting led to the Little Humans project: a global initiative to seek out the world’s best parenting experts, and share their knowledge across the globe.

Mindvalley is thrilled to add the subject of parenting to our curriculum. Parenting is an incredible opportunity to not just nurture a child who’ll go on to make their own positive impact on the world – but also to explore our true selves, and discover skills, passions, and gifts we never knew we had.

Program Curriculum

The Little Humans Membership

Little Humans on multiple devices

The Little Humans Membership is a subscription program offering full access to our entire collection of knowledge: featuring dozens of experts and 20+ hours of training you can watch at any time and in any order.

Each expert trains you in a specific area of parenting, with sessions divided into bite-sized lessons you can consume at your own pace.

And to help you absorb your learnings, each training also features accompanying workbooks, lesson highlights, transcripts, and action steps.

You’ll also have the option of video and audio versions of each training, so you can upgrade your parenting skills on the go.

  • Training 1: Spaces For Living, Playing & Learning

    With Avital Schriebel, Mindful Parenting Coach

    Get practical ideas on creating living, playing, and learning spaces that inspire creativity and peace of mind for you and your child.

    Training Highlights:

    • Decluttering Your Parenting: how to remove clutter from your parenting style, your home, and your child’s life
    • Play Space Design To Foster Creativity: awaken your child’s creative potential with play spaces that let their imaginations run wild
  • Training 2: Turning Conflict Into Connection

    With Debbie Godfrey, Author & Certified Parent Educator

    Discover how to upgrade your communication skills, and turn moments of conflict into opportunities for empathy and connection.

    Training Highlights:

    • Power Struggles: follow these steps to minimize conflict, and teach your child valuable lessons without disempowering them.
    • Listening To Your Child: learn how to truly listen to what your child is telling you (it’s often not what’s on the surface).
  • Training 3: Parenting In The Modern Age

    With Preston Smiles & Alexi Panos, Founders of The Bridge Method

    From juggling your career, to your self-identity, to creating balance in you and your child’s life, you’ll learn how to manage the unique challenges faced by parents in modern society.

    Training Highlights:

    • The Great Balancing Act: how to be an effective parent, even if you’ve got a busy career.
    • Why Play Is Crucial For A Child’s Development: tips for structuring playtime in a way you can actually keep up with, even on the most hectic days
    • Dealing With The Fear Of Becoming A Parent: you don’t need to lose your spark or self-identity, just because you’re becoming a parent
  • Training 4: Becoming A Successful Co-Parent

    With Summer Felix-Mulder & Mike Mulder, Co-Hosts of the ‘Everything Always’ podcast

    No matter how your marriage or relationship changes, you can still give your child the loving, secure, and supportive upbringing they deserve.

    Training Highlights:

    • Secrets Of Successful Co-Parenting: how to recapture happiness and stability in any family configuration - even if the children aren’t yours
    • Co-Parenting With The Ex-Spouse: learn how to set and maintain boundaries, and put your child first no matter how you feel about each other
  • Training 5: The Value of Bedtime Rituals

    With Andrew Newman, Founder of The Conscious Bedtime Story

    Bedtime is a wonderful opportunity to connect and reflect with your child. Add some magic to yours with these brilliant bedtime rituals, including a reading of Andrew’s popular bedtime story.

    Training Highlights:

    • Bedtime Connection Rituals: get a treasure chest of ideas for bedtime rituals that encourage bonding and relaxation
    • A Bedtime Story: The Hug Who Got Stuck: a special reading of Andrew’s beloved conscious bedtime story
  • Training 6: Feeding The Body & Mind

    With Eric Edmeades, Creator of Wildfit

    Once you understand the science behind childhood nutrition, you’ll realize it’s easy to nourish your child with food for their body and mind. And yes, they’ll actually enjoy it.

    Training Highlights:

    • Breaking Unhealthy Food Habits: follow these simple steps to ensure your child is getting the right nutrition, and avoiding the bad stuff.
    • The Truth About Breastmilk: a definitive answer to the breastmilk vs formula debate
  • Training 7: Accelerating Your Child’s Learning

    With Jim Kwik, Memory & Speed Learning Expert

    By understanding how your child learns and retains information, you can dramatically accelerate their learning speed and ability by following a few easy steps.

    Training Highlights:

    • Making Learning Fun: schools don’t teach our children this simple technique, but you can
    • The 5 Levels Of Transformation: use this proven formula to help your child switch on their mind’s fullest potential, creativity, and intuition
    • Improving Your Child’s Memory: use this 10-step method to instantly improve your child’s ability to absorb and retain information
  • Training 8: Conscious Parenting

    With Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Clinical Psychologist & New York Times Bestselling Author

    Explore Dr. Shefali’s revolutionary approach to parenting, and prepare for a deep transformation in your relationship with your child - and your own inner child.

    Training Highlights:

    • The 7 Stubborn Myths Of Parenting: discover how they damage both children and parents, and which ones you’re still holding onto
    • The Importance Of Parenting Your Inner Child: why parenting is not just about the child in front of you, but the one inside you
  • Training 9: Raising Kids With Healthy Beliefs

    With Shelly Lefkoe, Co-Founder of The Lefkoe Institute

    Your child’s belief system impacts everything from their self-love in the present, to their success later in life. Discover how to nurture healthy beliefs in your child.

    Training Highlights:

    • The Most Dangerous Belief: learn how to erase this common disempowering belief from your child’s subconscious mind
    • 4 Words To Never Use: many parents unknowingly use these every day, and damage their children’s beliefs in the process
  • Training 10: Attachment Parenting

    With Dr. Nelly Farnoody-Zahiri, Family Psychologist, Author & TV Host

    Learn from a parenting philosophy that embodies empathy, closeness, and compassion between you and your child.

    Training Highlights:

    • Deepening Your Bond With Your Child: it all starts by understanding your personal attachment style
    • Helping Your Child Reach A Secure Attachment: how to reassure your child that you’re always there for them
  • Training 11: Mother’s Health & Postpartum Care

    With Kimberly Johnson, Author & Postpartum Specialist

    When you approach pregnancy and childbirth in the right way, you’ll learn it can be a wonderful opportunity for learning, self-reflection, and even personal growth.

    Training Highlights:

    • The 5 Pillars Of Postpartum Healing: use these pointers to heal your mind, body, and soul - and emerge from childbirth stronger than ever
    • Restoring Vitality Postpartum: a special guide to optimize your recovery in the 30 - 60 days after childbirth
  • Training 12: Emotional Intelligence & Empathy

    With Rhea Lalla, Author & CEO of Build Great Minds

    Nurture emotional intelligence and empathy in your child, and they’ll gain a lifetime of stronger relationships and decision-making skills.

    Training Highlights:

    • The Cornerstones Of Emotional Intelligence: use these 3 steps to develop lifelong emotional intelligence in your child
    • Nurturing Empathy & Compassion: lead by example and empower your child with great people and communication skills
  • Training 13: Moving Through Grief & Loss

    With Christina Rasmussen, Crisis Intervention Counselor & Author

    Grief and loss are inevitable parts of life - but lifelong trauma and pain doesn’t have to be. Discover how to best help your child navigate these challenging times.

    Training Highlights:

    • The 5 Steps To Moving On After Loss: learn how children process trauma differently compared to adults, and how to help them move on
    • Managing Death, Loss & Disappointment: get powerful coping tools to help you and your child deal with even the most devastating losses
  • Training 14: ADHD & Happiness

    With Dr. Ned Hallowell, ADHD Expert & New York Times Bestselling Author

    Learn the truth about ADHD, one of the most common neurological conditions in children. Then, explore how to nurture happiness in your child, even in less-than-ideal scenarios.

    Training Highlights:

    • Superparenting For Distracted Kids: an essential perspective for every parent of ADHD-diagnosed children
    • The Roots Of Happiness: how to teach your child to choose happiness in 5 steps (yes, happiness is a teachable skill)
  • Training 15: Raising Resilient Kids

    With Renee Jain, Childhood Resilience & Anxiety Relief Expert

    A resilient child is one who rises above stress and adversity, and never gives up on the path to their goals. It’s one of the most important qualities you can nurture in yours.

    Training Highlights:

    • Mastering Emotions: teach your child to master their emotions, and in turn develop resilience in 3 straightforward steps
    • Beating Stress: follow these 3 steps to help your child rise above stress at school and at home
  • Training 16: The World As A Classroom

    With The Murray Family, Parenting Vloggers

    Meet the Murrays: an extraordinary family that embarked on a 24-year ‘family vagabonding adventure’ across the world, and learned a series of extraordinary lessons in the process.

    Training Highlights:

    • How To Make The World Your School: discover how to guide your child towards priceless learning opportunities far beyond the classroom
    • The Parent To Parent Dynamic: learn to establish a pattern of strong communication and cooperation with your partner, and watch as your child starts embodying it too.

Preview A Little Humans Membership Training Session

Become A Little Humans Member Now And Enjoy These Special Membership Perks
  • Perk #1:

    6 Bonus Trainings With Leading Parenting Experts

    We’ve carefully selected these 6 bonus training sessions to complement your learnings. Each one features an additional expert not found in the main Little Humans Collection, along with full transcripts:

    1. Understanding Your Child’s Brain with Dr. Dan Siegel
    2. Love-Based Learning with Phil Moore
    3. Edupreneurship with Gahmya Drummond-Bey
    4. Healthcare Advocacy with Dr. Edmond Sarraf
    5. Raising Successful People with Esther Wojcicki
    6. Conscious Thinking In Children with Judy Julin
    A little boy using laptop on his father's lap browsing Little Human's website
  • Perk #2:

    Full Recordings & Transcripts Of The Little Humans Live Calls Series

    On our recent Live Calls Series session, we hosted 11 leading experts as they shared their perspectives and answered questions on today’s most important issues in parenting.

    You’ll receive complete recordings and transcripts of these sessions, so you can revisit each one and multiply the impact of your learnings.

  • Perk #3:

    Exclusive Facebook Group Access

    Enjoy free lifetime access to our invite-only Facebook group: where the Little Humans hosts and global community gather to share our experiences and ideas in a safe space. You’ll make lifelong friends in this group, as you connect with fellow parents on the same journey as you.

    A person using laptop to browse Little Human Facebook group
  • Perk #4:

    Exclusive Access To All New Trainings & Content

    We’re constantly discovering fresh wisdom and experts to add to the Little Humans collection of knowledge. As a member, you get access to all new trainings and content, as soon as it becomes available - so you’re always on the leading edge of new information and perspectives in the ever-changing world of parenting.

    A person using laptop to browse Little Human bonus content

What Some Of The Students Have Said About Little Humans

Special Offer For Live Call Series Participants:

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This free trial is our offering of support for parents and children during this challenging global situation. We invite you to take us up on it, enjoy the Little Humans Membership trainings and community for up to a week, and then decide if you’d like to stay on with us.

We take pride in the curated knowledge and loving support within our family – and we’re confident you’ll love every moment of it!

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  • 6 bonus trainings with leading parenting experts
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the Little Humans Collection for?

    The Little Humans Membership is for you if you’re a parent, a parent-to-be, a teacher or mentor, or even if you have friends or family members with children of any age. If you’ve ever doubted your decisions as a parent or mentor, or if you sometimes feel lost, overwhelmed, or insecure due to what’s going on around you or within you, what you learn in this series will give you the clarity and confidence to chart a better path.

    Whether you’re nurturing a baby, toddler, child, or teenager, you’ll find various tools, insights, and strategies you can use to make an instant positive change in their life and your own.

    From communication and crisis management, to nutrition, emotional intelligence, academic performance and more, the series covers every crucial topic involved in raising a child in the modern world: all through the eye-opening knowledge of today’s leading parenting experts.
  • What if I don’t have children of my own yet?

    The Little Humans Membership is for all stages of the parenting journey: even if you’re still just planning to conceive! What you learn here will prepare you for the journey ahead, and help reduce any anxiety or uncertainty you might be feeling about becoming a parent.

    And remember, becoming a member on this page will secure your ongoing access to our vault of knowledge: meaning you’ll have all our trainings and even the live call recordings at your fingertips, so you can keep referring to them as your situation changes.
  • There are so many books and videos out there about parenting. How is this series different?

    Most parenting advice you can find on bookshelves or online comes from individual experts: meaning you get a limited perspective that may or may not suit your unique personality and circumstances. Plus with so many options out there, it can be hard to know what to focus on or who to listen to.

    The Little Humans Membership connects you to a curated and constantly evolving vault of wisdom from many of today’s leading parenting experts. Our goal is not to tell you how to be a better parent, but to empower you with a holistic spectrum of wisdom and insights you can use make your own informed parenting decisions.

    Our philosophy is that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to parenting. And that by connecting you with today’s most important parenting ideas and wisdom (plus our global community of passionate parents), you will have everything you need to be the best possible parent you can be. On your own personal terms.
  • I have a busy schedule, will I really have the time to study all of these trainings?

    We’re busy parents just like you - which is why we’ve designed your trainings to be as easy as possible to use and apply. Firstly, all trainings are recorded sessions: which means there’s no rush to watch everything, you can consume it all at your own pace and in any order you like.

    Secondly, the trainings are divided into bite-sized lessons you can watch in just a few minutes each (but with a lot of priceless information packaged into each one).

    And by the time you start applying what you learn from the series in your daily life, we guarantee you’ll begin feeling far less busy and overwhelmed, as so many of the chores, interactions, and challenges that used to stress you out as a parent become far more manageable.
  • How do I interact with the Little Humans community?

    Having a positive support system is a crucial part of any parent’s journey. You can connect with our global community, and with our hosts Renee, and Akira, in the official Little Humans Facebook group.

    You’ll have ongoing access to this group, where you can share your big and little wins, your challenges, and your feelings in a safe space, with parents and mentors on the exact same journey as you.
  • How does the free 7-day trial work? Can I cancel my membership if I want to?

    Absolutely! We’re offering you this free trial so you can experience the Little Humans Membership training and community before committing. We’re confident that being a member of our family will transform yours for the better - and we want you to see that for yourself.

    Upon claiming your free trial, you’ll gain instant access to our vault of training, all all other membership perks. Then, you’ll have 7 days to enjoy as much of it as you want.

    By the end of the 7 days, you’ll then be automatically billed (cancel any time).

    If you don’t want to continue your membership, just go to before the 7 days are over, and you won’t be charged a single cent.
Click ‘Become A Member’ To Join The Little Humans Family
Little Humans on multiple devices

Here’s everything you get when you order now:

  • On-demand access to the entire Little Humans collection of knowledge, featuring 20+ hours of in-depth training with dozens of leading parenting experts.
  • A set of learning acceleration aids including workbooks, lesson highlights, transcripts, action steps, and audio versions of each episode.
  • 6 bonus trainings with leading parenting experts
  • Exclusive access to our Facebook group and global community
  • Exclusive access to all new trainings and content throughout your membership duration
  • Smartphone App (Apple or Android) to learn on the go
  • Desktop Version, iPad app and Apple TV
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